Outside, Part 2: Sounds of Spring

After a silent winter, there’s nothing as exciting as the sounds of spring! Sky and birds, thunder and creeks–all of it sounds like music to the soul.

Outside, Part 1: The Big Thaw

Outside is one of my favorite places to be. With the first day of spring behind us, it’s time to celebrate the sun, the smells, and The Big Thaw!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

It’s March, and that means National Reading Month! I remember Reading Month in elementary school; we would bring books and snacks and would wait as eagerly as Pavlov’s dogs to hear the reading bell ring during the day. That bell meant we could stop…

Oh, the Places We’ve Been

Remember just over a year ago? Do you recall how bleak your life was every Friday afternoon? You would check your inbox and find nothing but work, spam, and misery. There was no bright spot in your weekend, no resource for all topics nerdy,…

Old English Heroism: Jesus, Part 2

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Beowulf’s fortitude, Robin Hood’s prudence, Harry Potter’s loyalty, and Superman’s generosity. We’ve even begun to see all these characteristics in the life of Jesus, the ultimate hero. But this topic is more than a literary rabbit trail;…