Stage Eleven: Resurrection, Part 1

At the very threshold of the Ordinary World, the hero must face death and resurrection once again. Why? Read on to see how Neo, Frodo, Harry Potter, Superman demonstrate the answer.

Exciting News about a Kindred Site

I’m excited to tell you that one of my articles has been published on the brilliant UK website, Transpositions! Head on over there and check it out!

Stage Ten: The Road Back

Vacations, sunsets, great books, delicious meals: we’re told that all good things must come to an end. For the hero, even the Special World of the adventure must come to a close eventually. But how does the hero return home? Via the Road Back.

The Acorn and the Oak

Elisabeth Elliot speaks practically and eloquently on the promise that the seed that dies will bear much fruit. Read this beautiful passage from Passion and Purity.

Stage Nine: Reward

You know that feeling when you finally finish something nearly impossible? Of course you do. The real question is, what do you do afterward? The ninth stage of the Hero’s Journey is that of Reward. Read on to find out how heroes celebrate and how they’re changed.

Stage Eight: The Ordeal

What do Gandalf, the Blue Ranger, and Jesus have in common? Before you tie me to a stake as a heretic, read on to find the answer! The eighth stage of the Hero’s Journey is that of The Ordeal, and this post delves into the significance of death and resurrection in literature and life. Read it all; you won’t regret it.